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Since 1900 and for four family generations, Marius Fabre have been continuing in Salon de Provence the traditional process of soap making, cooked in a cauldron.  Guaranteed fragrance free and with no additives,  Marseille soap flakes are recommended for a gentle and efficient wash of all textiles, in particular fragile items (baby clothes, wool, silk, lace etc.). Also can be used instead of hand soap ,they are also biodegradable and phosphate free

  • 100% vegetable oils (Oleic sunflower oil, coconut oil)
  • Free from artificial colourings, fragrance and preservatives 
  • Without chemical additives
  • Without palm oil


Soap 30% and over (Sodium Sunflowerseedate, Sodium Cocoate)

Also contains: Aqua, Glycerine, Sodium chloride, Sodium hydroxide

The glycerine in Marseille soaps has not been added, it is the one that is naturally present in vegetable oil. After a 10 day cooking period and many rinses, only a small amount remains. Authentic Marseille soap, when it is made according to traditional processes, is actually glycerine free.

“Glycerine” is, however, listed in our soaps’ ingredients because some traces remain. The new cosmetic regulation requires all ingredients, even in small quantities, to be stated in the list of ingredients.

Marseille soap flakes


Dissolve 25g of Marseille soap flakes in 5 litres of hot water. Wash and rinse thoroughly. Use cold water for woollens.

How to make homemade washing liquid

Put 50g of soap flakes in a bottle. Pour 2L of hot water and shake well.


Pour 20cl of washing liquid in the drawer of the washing machine.

You can make your Marseille soap washing liquid in advance so that it's ready when you need it. Simply shake well (until smooth) before use.

Practical hints

Recommended for delicate clothing, baby linen, woollens, as well as for people suffering from skin irritations.

If your water is hard, add a cupful of white vinegar in the fabric conditioner compartment at regular intervals.

For a scented fragrance, add a few drops of essential oil to your washing liquid (e.g. lavender, tea-tree or citrus).

For a whiter than white effect, add a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda or a small handful of soda crystals.